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Let us explain ...

The pinnacle of sales is being able to target a potential customer right at the point where their interest is at a peak.  You don't want them to have to wait a few days, hours or even minutes to get further information on what they desire.  With a QR code, or scan code as they are sometimes called, they get the information INSTANTLY.  Whatever they want, they get it right there and then.  It doesn't get any better than that.

The digital economy is set to double to £2.66 trillion (approx) by 2016 (according to B.C.G.), and in a recent Econsultancy Marketing Budget report for 2012, 57% of business and 67% of agencies said that investing in mobile applications was their top priority for 2012.  

Can you afford to be left behind?

What is a QR code?

In technical terms, it's a 2D barcode but non-technically it's typically a black and white square that, when scanned with a smartphone with a reader, will bring up a mobile landing page with a discount voucher, map location, contact details, and so on - your imagination is the only limit.

QR or scan codes bridge the gap between real life and the online world by providing links to the internet on hard copy.  By using QR codes in conventional media such as newspapers, magazines, flyers or posters, you bring your customers to your 'call to action' page with a simple scan using their smartphone.  A QR code reader is required to scan the codes but there are many excellent free readers available - download information here.

How CSI explain what a QR code is!

Why use a QR code?

  • Speed - speed of delivery with 1 click to call for action page

  • Efficiency - can change a campaign easily and swiftly improving ROI

  • Accuracy - no need to type in a telephone number or website address

  • Helps eCommerce - offer discount voucher to entice customers or have a QR code link directly to a product page to buy

Wanta Media QR codes are RE-USEABLE!  To save on purchasing numerous QR codes, once a campaign is finished, we can just re-assign the QR code to another campaign.

We also provide statistics to increase information gathering from each marketing campaign.

We also don't believe in charging a fee per scan.  Unlimited free scans are included in our costs.

What style would you like?

We can provide 1 of 3 QR code styles - normal, corporate and funky!  The normal black and white QR codes are an example of the majority you will see however they are basically anonymous and if you want to customise your QR code to your branding's colours or style, then we can provide a code with either just your logo incorporated in it or a fully custom-designed eye-catching QR code.  When the majority of your competitors are just beginning to use the normal black and white QR codes, why not leap ahead and use the next generation of QR codes?

How can a QR code help you?

QR codes are designed to make life as easy as possible for potential customer.  That could mean when someone scans the code, it brings up your contact telephone number or it brings up a Google map which shows your location (great for event flyers or for weary travellers trying to find a restaurant or hotel) or it launches a mobile version of your brochure.  

Launching a mobile landing page is the most common action that occurs on scanning a QR code - it can offer, for example, a discount voucher to entice customers or it can take the customer to a page to buy an event ticket or a product.  The flexibility and versatility of mobile landing pages makes them an impressive tool in your marketing portfolio.  

QR codes and mobile landing pages are suited to just about any type of business and can be custom-designed for your requirements.

Mobile landing page samples

Why do I need a mobile website?

You might be asking yourself this. If you haven't got a website, you're missing out on a lot of potential business as people are not only shopping online but also choosing who to do business with purely by searching online and from the first impression they get from your corporate website.

If you already have a website, it's not about just using a converter to make your website mobile. Mobile internet users have different needs to desktop internet users. They generally have less surfing time and just want information FAST - they want to get right to the information they need without wasting time.

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