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Mobile Marketing Specialists

Why do people love their smartphones so much? Who knows?! But they do and are increasingly using them for accessing the internet, making purchases, arranging holidays, etc. People want information and they want it NOW! What does this mean for you as a business? You now have the opportunity to convert a prospect into a sale very fast.

Before the digital world arrived, you had to use normal mail to send samples or information, by which time their interest may be gone or a competitor might have lured them away first.

Not now, not anymore.

You can provide information within seconds of a request, you can demonstrate your facilities with a mobile-enabled virtual tour or with barely a press of a button and a QR code you can let your potential customer see exactly why they should choose your business. YOU know your products and services are the best - show them off to their best advantage with harnessing the power of mobile.

eBrochures & Virtual Tours

With mobile-enabled eBrochures (for iPhone, iPad and Android OS devices) now available, you can target more customers in the format they prefer, at a time that suits them. When a prospective customer is looking at your website and demands more information, relying on the post for them to receive a printed brochure could cost you the sale.  The customer is on your website NOW, looking for information NOW.  What better way to deliver that information than in an eye-catching eBrochure?

SAMPLE of a mobile-enabled eBrochure

We can also offer mobile-enabled virtual tour images! These high quality, low distortion virtual tour images are an incredible way of capturing a potential client's imagination on the move.  For example, what better way to keep people's attention at an exhibition than to have mobile-enabled virtual tours to interest them until you're free to talk to them?

SAMPLE of a mobile-enabled virtual tour

Wantadiscount began out of desire to advertise businesses in our local area (and further afield) in a flexible way, using new technologies to the best of their abilities to advertise their promotions, discounts and offers to as many people as possible. Handing out Wantadiscount card + keyfobs, we launched initially to the student population in Edinburgh ('s Student's Home Page) and now going further afield to the general public (Wantadiscount's Home Page). We will be branching out geographically in the coming months. The website was designed to be optimised for mobiles but also works very well in a normal desktop browser, therefore not excluding anyone who doesn't have a smartphone. When you're out and about you can just scan your Wantadiscount card or keyfob card for the nearest deals to you! We want minimal hassle for consumers so many advertisers will accept the Wantadiscount card, showing the Wantadiscount page or even just mentioning Wantadiscount for the customer to obtain the deal.

Introducing - The Wedding Exhibition in the Palm of your Hand!

A 24hr 365 Day  Wedding Show in your Area

Wantawedding was created to offer brides / partners to visit a wedding show or exhibition easily whilst using a mobile device (smartphone, phablet, or tablet). So we designed to be accessible on all devices from smartphone to desktop PC. We've used clear, simple design to make it as easy as possible for navigation whilst adding features such as a Designer Catwalk to showcase the bridal collections of the bridal designers who have stockists in the UK.

Compatible with mobile, tablet or desktop - Where there's a signal, you can plan! Although viewable on a desktop PC, this website is designed with the mobile user in mind - no more 'pinch and zoom' just to find out the information you need! We can't guarantee that a wedding supplier's own website will be mobile-compatible if you click through to contact a supplier, but we can provide you with as much information as possible whilst browsing on that is easily read on a mobile or tablet.

Wantawedding is split into 4 sections: Designer Catwalk, Supplier Directory, Wedding Venues and Outlet Section (coming soon!). We have optimised our website pages so they are eye-catching and comprehensive, providing the information required for our brides / partners on the move!

The feedback so far has been very positive! One bride commented that it was the only wedding show her partner would be happy to attend as he could view it whilst on the sofa and come and go as he pleased. When you're wanting your fiancé's input, this is a welcome change to walking about a wedding show with just your Mum or your friends!

Why did we do this?

Aren't there already wedding directories available online? Yes, many, but we're not just a wedding directory. We offer so much more with our Designer Catwalk (each designer's page has a video displaying their latest collection), comprehensive showcases for each of our suppliers (including videos and eBrochures if available), and as Wantawedding is mobile-adapted and optimised, it's accessible from all devices.

Is Wantawedding an app?

No. We decided to create Wantawedding as a mobile website rather than an app because an app creates a barrier to someone finding out information quickly. First they have to know about your app (they probably get directed to a mobile website which tells them there's an app to download!), the person then has to go to Google Play or iTunes Store and search for the app, download it, install it and then see what we have to offer! Why give our customers so many hoops to go through when we can just create a mobile website that works on ALL devices (not just Apple and Android OS) without any fuss.

Interested? Excellent! Please visit to see the different styles of individual advertiser pages available and contact us to discuss your requirements. Hope to welcome you onboard this unique mobile wedding exhibition available 365 days, 24 hrs a day.

Property Services

We are working in association with our sister company, K+U to be able to offer the complete solution to solicitors and estate agents for their properties. We can offer:

  • schedule preparation service

  • printed schedules (A4 - A7)

  • QR codes and mobile property pages

  • Property photography

  • Property virtual tours

  • Floor plans - both 2D and 3D

What better way to entice prospective buyers to your property than by having a QR code outside your property which links to a mobile landing page with images and details of your property. Not only does this provide instant information but it can be kept up-to-date for pricing and viewing details. This can also include a virtual tour or link to a property video.

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